How Roof Restorations Enhance Your Property's Comfort


Following storms or years of neglect, roof restorations are necessary. Even if your roof isn't ruined, you can consider restoration services. They'll make your home safer, reduce damp, cool it, and even insulate it. If you want to learn more about the benefits, read on.

Repair storm damage

Storm damage doesn't just make your house look bad. If you encounter cracks and chips, you ruin the roof's thermoprotective benefits. Cracks may let water in, which causes damp. In addition, it'll let heat out, making energy bills rise.

If your tiles come loose, you might benefit from repointing. Repointing involves removing the tile. The roofer scrapes away debris and damage and fits new tiles. While you may want to try this yourself, it isn't safe. A skilled roofer knows how to repoint so the results meet regulations.

Opt for a cool roof

In the process of restoring your roof, you can opt for a cool option. If your entire roof needs repointing, ask your roofer about cool solutions.

Cool roofing doesn't mean a roof that's stylish. Instead, it uses materials that reflect the sun's rays. In doing so, they stop your home from overheating. You'll then use less air conditioning, which lowers your energy bills. Also, a cooler house during the peak of summer is comfier.

Throw in insulation

Similarly, winter can cause your energy bills to rise. If your roofer wants to replace the roof, ask about insulation. You can also choose this if they're not restoring the roof at all. 

Insulation prevents heat from escaping when you're using central heating. As such, the cold air outside doesn't make you feel the chill. Again, this lowers your energy bills, as insulation keeps the air in. If you come to resell, it may boost your home's value.

Choose to add solar panels

If you're feeling eco-friendly, why not ask about solar panels? Many materials support solar panels, and you'll lower energy bills. If you do want solar panels, mention this to your roofer. This will stop them from repointing in the wrong direction. This means your panels will face the skies and gain most of the sun's rays. ​

From a chip to a replacement, you'll see the benefits from roof restoration. Repointing addresses single and multiple tiles alike. Opting for additional services such as insulation and solar panels makes maintaining an ambient temperature cost effective. This means they're worthy investments you'll love. Contact a company like Blue West Roof Restorations for additional information.


18 September 2017

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Hello, my name is Ryan and this is my blog. I don't work in the roofing industry but I recently had to spend a week on the roof of my home trying to fix it up. I am pretty good at DIY, but in the end, I had to call in a roofing contractor to help me out. I decided to replace the entire roof and that wasn't a job I was going to take on my own. I have learnt a lot during the past few weeks and I hope to use this blog to pass on some of my knowledge.