What to Look for When Inspecting Your Gutters


Many homeowners pay no mind to their gutters. Nevertheless, they play a vital role in both your roof as well as your structure as a whole. As the guttering directs water away from your roofing, they also ensure that water damage does not compromise your foundation. Moreover, functional gutters that are clean can also be a great way to harvest rainwater.

However, just as other structural elements of your home, gutters may acquire damage over time. The extent of this damage is what will determine whether they require replacement or if simple repairs will suffice. So what are some of the routine inspections you should carry out on your gutters?

Check for cracks, corrosion and other forms of surface damage

Minor cracks forming on your gutters may not seem to be a cause for alarm. However, the formation of these cracks and crevices is a clear indication that the integrity of the gutters is gradually being compromised. If not attended to, the cracks will steadily become larger and form holes in your gutters, and you would have to opt for professional replacement. If you notice any cracks, you could attempt to fix them with caulking before they expand.

Watch out for mildew on your exterior walls and foundation

Another subtle yet surefire sign that your gutters may have become compromised if mould and mildew are growing on your structure. For mould to thrive, it requires a constant supply of hydration. An undetected leak in your gutters will provide the waste necessary to promote the growth of this fungus, which can sprout on your exterior walls or right on the foundation of your home. Not only would you have to consider mould abatement services but you would also have to hire a professional contractor to diagnose the source of the leak and fix it before further damage occurs.

Inspect for gutters that are pulling away or sagging

By carrying out a visual inspection of your gutters, you will be able to notice whether they are aligned properly or if they have come out of position. There are a number of reasons why your gutters may be improperly positioned. Firstly, the fasteners holding the gutters may have come loose. This is a simple fix, which can be done by either tightening the fasteners or replacing them if they are in disrepair. Secondly, the gutters may be physically damaged leading them to sag. In this scenario, a replacement would be your best bet.


4 January 2018

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