What You Need to Know About Metal Roof Restoration


Metal is one of the most popular roofing materials in Australia because of its ability to hold up well against weather and other external elements. While metal roofs are an incredibly durable option, they are not invincible. 

With time, the damaging effects of daily exposure to the elements will begin to show, thus compromising the performance, durability and aesthetics of these roofs. If your metal roof looks tired and drab but is still structurally sound, then it can benefit from a restoration job. 

If you are new to the world of metal roof restoration, read on to find out what it's all about. 

Metal Roof Cleaning

Cleaning is the first step of the metal roof restoration process. It is carried out to prepare the roof and roof surface for repair and refinishing respectively. Removing the layer of dirt that has accumulated on the surface of the roof over time makes it easier to identify damaged areas of the roof and also ensures the metal surface is clean for re-coating. 

There are various techniques for cleaning dirty metal roofs, depending on the pitch of the roof and how accessible the roof is. Of course, some metal roof cleaning techniques are more effective than others.

Pressure washing is one of the most favoured techniques for cleaning metal roofs. However, a light pressure setting is necessary to prevent further damage to the metal and metal coating. Roofs that are flat and easily accessible may be cleaned with detergent and a scrub brush.

Metal Roof Repair

Besides roof leaks, metal roofs rarely encounter problems that are common with traditional asphalt shingle roofs. Once the metal roof has been cleaned and allowed to dry properly, it will be inspected for leaks that require fixing.

There are many causes of leaks in metal roofs. These include warped metal panels, worn-out metal flashing, worn-out surface coating, hail damage, rust and more. After all leak spots in the roof have been identified, the necessary roof repair work will be performed.

Metal Roof Refinishing

The final step of the metal roof restoration is the refinishing job. It is carried out to restore the protective and decorative coating of the metal roof that wears out over time, exposing the metal substrate to the destructive elements. Metal roof refinishing helps to prevent further damage to the roof but also helps to make it look like new again. 

Metal roof restoration is a project that can pay off if carried out the right way. For professional assistance with your project, contact a company such as Summit Roofing Services.


11 December 2019

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