Reasons To Undergo A Metal Roof Replacement


If the roof on your home looks ravaged and weathered, you might be figuring out your next move. One possibility is to replace it with corrugated metal sheeting. Consider the following reasons to go with this option.

Leave Constant Repairs Behind

Once you replace your roof with metal sheets, you can forget about continual repairs, fixing and patching holes and gaps in a piecemeal fashion. Sometimes it's better to take charge and replace the old with the new. That way, you won't risk rainwater leaking into the roof cavity, causing mould and mildew to grow on the ceiling plaster. Such damage will only add additional and unnecessary costs.

Looks Beautiful

Old materials can be repainted or sprayed all you like — but they'll never look as pristine and lustrous as new materials that haven't suffered in the elements for years. Thus, you'll be able to enjoy the beautiful wave of corrugated metal which comes in muted hues like deep blue, eucalypt green, and rustic red. Covering such a vast expanse, new roofing will enhance the look of your entire home.


Another reason to replace your roofing with metal is because of its lightweight nature, which means there's little chance of the roof stressing your home's supporting structures. Thus, whether your current roof is tile or metal, you shouldn't encounter issues, as you might when switching from a lighter material to heavier tiles. Metal is ideal for large dwellings that therefore require expansive roofs, reducing the stress load. It's also appropriate for buildings in alpine areas that catch plenty of heavy snow. With metal, you won't have a weighty roof material adding to the load the structure needs to bear. 

Enhances Selling Appeal

Being a major enhancement, a roof replacement will make your home a more inviting prospect for buyers if you're considering selling. They'll be able to leave roofing out of their update calculations. A fresh roof will cast a golden glow over the rest of your home, making the entire landscape look more appealing. 

Durable And Resilient

Technology is working all the time to make metal roofs resilient, covering them with various substances, so your corrugated sheeting will last many years. Steel can be dipped in a hot bath of zinc, which remains as a film, covering the metal — termed galvanised steel. This protects it from rusting. Other roofs sport a film of zinc and aluminium, providing even more resilience. Aluminium itself resists rust, so it makes an ideal roof for coastal areas in particular, with their harsh salty air.

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18 August 2020

Ryan's New Roofing Blog

Hello, my name is Ryan and this is my blog. I don't work in the roofing industry but I recently had to spend a week on the roof of my home trying to fix it up. I am pretty good at DIY, but in the end, I had to call in a roofing contractor to help me out. I decided to replace the entire roof and that wasn't a job I was going to take on my own. I have learnt a lot during the past few weeks and I hope to use this blog to pass on some of my knowledge.