Tiles and Metal Sheets as Possible Roof Replacement Materials


If you're replacing your roof with new cladding, you need to decide what material to install. Two popular options are metal sheeting and tiles. To help you make a final choice, consider the following points.


Roof tiles might consist of concrete, terracotta or slate. Concrete can be moulded into various shapes and sizes, and pigments can be added to produce colours like charcoal, red and green. Terracotta can also be fashioned into diverse forms and coloured blue, grey or rusty red, for example. Slate naturally exhibits greys, blues, tans and other tones. Thus, if you choose tiles for your roof replacement, you'll have not problems matching the roof to the external walls and window trim.

Once they go over the entire roof, tiles form a relatively heavy cover, so the building will need structural strength to carry the load. While the heaviness of particular tiles varies, concrete can be heavier than terracotta, depending on the tile thickness and shape. If your home already features tiling, it may already be well-equipped to carry the new roof.

Tiles suit diverse architectures — just select a complementary form. For example, install an angular flat tile on a modern home or a curvy shape on a traditional building. Tiles can look sleek in one environment and quaint in another. Their overlapping structure forms patterns and texture, increasing visual interest.

Metal Sheets

Another roofing option to consider is metal sheeting that comes in different profiles to form classic wave contours or angular square channels, for example.

As do tiles, metal sheets offer various lovely muted colours such as grey, sand and green. Particular colours are available also to match heritage homes if you want to stay true to a specific architecture. Thus, you'll find a metal profile and shape to match, regardless of your home's style.

Different from tiles, metal sheets are a relatively lightweight material that places less stress on a building. If your home is large and rambling with an extensive roof, using metal will keep the overall weight down. Alternatively, you may live in a house built decades ago that you want to nurse, in which case you could cover it in lightweight metal sheets. Another reason you may opt for metal is if the roof is steeply pitched and complex with various ridges and valleys.

Because metal sheets are large and light, they're easier to transport and install than numerous small tiles. So a metal roof replacement may be quicker and more convenient.


29 April 2021

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